E-Bike Essential Clean Protect and Lube Kit MUC-OFF Care and Maintena
The E-Bike Essential Kit from MUC-OFF contains the most important care products for holistic care. The Bike Cleaner cleans and removes dirt and grime, while the Bike Prot
E-Bike Essential Clean Protect and Lube Kit Workshop Care and Maintenance Detergents Care and Maintenance Detergents
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MUC-OFF E-Bike Essential Clean Protect and Lube Kit

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The E-Bike Essential Kit from MUC-OFF contains the most important care products for holistic care. The Bike Cleaner cleans and removes dirt and grime, while the Bike Protect Spray leaves a thin protective film on the clean frame and components. The E-Bike Dry Weather Lube optimally lubricates your chain when it is dry, while the organic degreaser dissolves even the most stubborn dirt and grease. The sponge and brush complete the package.

MUC-OFF Bike Cleaner Nano Tech Bike Cleaner 
Muc-Off's nano technology literally eliminates dirt and grime in the nano range. This corresponds to 1/80000 the diameter of a human hair. So dirt doesn't stand a chance at this level. The Bike Cleaner does not contain any harmful acids, is CFC-free, contains no solvents and is completely biodegradable.

MUC-OFF Degreaser Bio De-Greaser 
So that oil and grease in connection with dirt do not become a problem that is difficult to solve in the long term, the degreaser from Muc Off is available. This easily gets to grips with oil and fat compounds. Simply spray on and wipe off, done. In this way, for example, all circuit components can be properly freed of oil and grease.

MUC-OFF care product Bike Protect 
Bike Protect is perfect as a protection against corrosion after washing. It displaces moisture and leaves a thin, non-sticky protective film on the frame, chain, metal, plastic, rubber and paint. The PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) ensures a smooth protective film on which nothing sticks. It can also be used on carbon.

MUC-OFF chain lubricant E-Bike Dry Lube
The E-Bike Dry Chain Lube was specially developed to counteract the high torque loads of the powerful E-Bike motors. The ceramic additive reduces friction and wear to a minimum and impresses with better lubrication density and all-round performance. The dry formula does not attract dust, making the chain oil ideal for dry and dusty conditions. Not only the chain, but also shift cables, shift levers, gears and pedals benefit from regular use.

MUC-OFF Expanding Microcell Sponge
The size and shape of this sponge have been specially adapted to the requirements of bike washing.

MUC-OFF Brush Claw
The brush with its strong, durable nylon bristles and the sturdy sprocket cleaner guarantee thorough cleaning of the pinion block, even with 11- and 12-speed systems. Of course, also suitable for other hard-to-reach places on the bike.
Clean sprockets reduce wear and tear and ensure quieter driving.

Technical specifications:
- For cleaning and caring for your e-bike
- Ideal for bikes of frequent riders and commuters

- 1x Nano Tech bike cleaner 1l
- 1x organic degreaser 500ml
- 1x Bike Protect 500ml 
- 1x chain lubricant E-Bike Dry Lube 50ml
- 1x cleaning sponge
- 1x claw brush

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