Intuvia 100 Display Smart System Compatible BOSCH E-Bike Control Unit
With Intuvia 100 you will have an intuitive display that is always ready to go. Thanks to the large font, the display is particularly clear and, together with the recomme
Intuvia 100 Display Smart System Compatible E-Bike - Parts E-Bike Control Unit Display E-Bike Control Unit Display
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BOSCH Intuvia 100 Display Smart System Compatible

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With Intuvia 100 you will have an intuitive display that is always ready to go. Thanks to the large font, the display is particularly clear and, together with the recommended gear indicator, guarantees you more safety and comfort when driving. Operation via the control unit is intuitive, you will keep your hands safe on the handlebars. Intuvia 100 informs with data on distance, journey time, range, speed, time and riding mode and displays information on the charge status of the eBike battery, which is displayed with the highest precision. Furthermore, Intuvia 100 tells you if the eBike Lock function is active and the pedal motor support is deactivated. Compatible with Bosch Smart System.

- Intelligent walk assistance:
Intuvia 100 also helps you overcome steep inclines: It shows you whether the intelligent walk assistance has been activated via the operating unit. It helps you when pushing your eBike uphill. If you move your eBike within 10 seconds as indicated in the instructions on the display, the motor supports you, preventing the bike from rolling backwards thanks to Hill Hold. This helps you when you have to push the bike while walking
- Traceable activity data:
When you remove Intuvia 100 at the end of the tour, pressing the button on the back allows you to view values such as the distance or the duration of the tour. With each click of the button, the view on the display changes. After 60 seconds, the Intuvia 100 switches off automatically, saving battery. If the eBike was connected to the eBike Flow app during the ride, you can also call up the trip data in the app
- Keep your eBike updated and in good condition:
An alert indicated by a wrench icon displayed on the Intuvia 100 indicates that the next service appointment is imminent. Service intervals are determined by specialist dealers, based on a certain period of time or mileage. So you don't have to remember service appointments and your eBike always stays up to date with regular checks
- Easy attachment and placement:
Position the Intuvia 100 mount on the handlebar where it is visually and functionally most comfortable for you, above or in front of the stem. With a twisting movement the display can be easily mounted on the display holder and adjusted to the right angle for you, ensuring good readability and comfortable driving
- The intelligent system provides various assistance modes that are optimally adapted to the support of the eBike motor depending on the use and riding style
- The eBike Alarm function is the next step for additional safety for your eBike. Enabled by the ConnectModule and in combination with the eBike Lock, it adds a comprehensive alarm function to the traction lock. When you turn off your eBike, the eBike Alarm is automatically activated until you turn your bike back on. In this way, your eBike is always optimally protected, without you having to intervene in any way

Engine Compatibility:
Bosch Cargo Line Gen4 Smart System (BES3), Bosch Performance Line CX Gen4 Smart System (BES3), Bosch Performance Line CX Race Gen4 Smart System (BES3), Bosch Performance Line Gen3 Smart System (BES3)

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