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The System Controller is the control unit reduced to the essentials for eBikes with the intelligent system. The deliberately limited number of functions and information f
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The System Controller is the control unit reduced to the essentials for eBikes with the intelligent system. The deliberately limited number of functions and information facilitates a quick overview and does not distract while driving. The System Controller is seamlessly integrated into the top tube, providing the already robust companion with barely noticeable additional protection and perfect for sporty tours and design-oriented eBike enthusiasts. The LEDs use different colors to indicate the riding mode and battery charge status in 10% increments. The System Controller makes your eBike smart and is the interface for software updates. It is barely noticeable, it is made of robust material and protected from bumps and scratches. With just two buttons you can control the most important functions of your eBike: switching the eBike on and off or changing the riding mode.

- Get the important information quickly: the functions of the System Controller are reduced to the essentials. The different colors of the riding mode LED each indicate a different mode. Via the LEDs, you can also check the charge status of your battery. If they all light up blue, the battery charge status is 100%. If an LED turns white, the state of charge has decreased by ten percent
- Benefit from connected riding with the intelligent system: As part of the new generation of systems, the System Controller is the connecting element between your eBike and the eBike Flow app. It serves as an interface for transferring software updates from the eBike Flow app via Bluetooth to your eBike and is an alternative to the LED Remote. Furthermore, with the System Controller you can use intelligent functions such as the eBike Lock
- Enjoy the unobtrusive design of your control unit: Since the System Controller is permanently installed in the eBike frame, it is hardly visible at first glance. In addition, its hard material surface makes it particularly robust. The clean look of the bike is maintained and you have a strong trail companion that is resistant to scratches and bumps. Its battery is long-lasting and can be replaced in an environmentally friendly way
- Control the most important functions of your eBike with just two buttons. They will allow you to turn the eBike on or off and change the riding mode. The buttons are arranged and designed so that you don't have to take your eyes off the road while driving. The soft-touch surface prevents slipping and facilitates intuitive and error-free operation
- knows the Mini Remote to operate your control unit even more safely and conveniently: The Mini Remote can be easily adapted to the System Controller and mounted independently on the handlebar. Now you don't have to take your hand off the handlebars while driving and you have three more buttons that expand the range of functions. As soon as the Mini Remote is available, you can also control a display or use your smartphone as a display
- Always immediately identify which driving mode you are in and the remaining battery range: the integrated external light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the LEDs according to the current light conditions. So you can see the LED signals even in direct sunlight and thanks to the dimmed LEDs you won't be dazzled in the dark

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