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Spreader is receiving the invoice / sales receipt ?

Absolutely yes ' . All sales will be regularly invoiced. The invoice / receipt is generated at the time of evasion in digital format PDF files sent via email the evening of the day of escape to the email address specified by the customer at the time of registration .

How do I order ?

Quietly from the website .

On the phone, we can still give you all the information but it is preferable to order comfortable ordering from your PC home / office or from your tablet or smartphone.

Can I go to the point of withdrawal to order ? is not a store , therefore we invite you to order directly from the site and choose the mode of payment and withdrawal from our point of Casnate con Bernate wait for our confirmation e-mail for withdrawal before moving on.

What do I do if I forget my password?

If you have forgotten your password or want to change it, click on " Forgot your password" and you will automatically receive a new password via e-mail .

We recommend you to personalize your passwords and never use it the same on most e-commerce sites .

After I registered, what should I do ?

Click on the confirmation email that you send in your inbox to confirm your account .

Then choose the product or products you wish to order and click " Add to cart", you will find yourself in your shopping cart where in order to complete the purchase. After checking the cart , click " Proceed with order " on the last page before confirming your order you can choose between different forms of delivery and payment .

What are the login and password ?

The login and password are the two words that allow you to access your personal area of the website where you can:
1 . Inspect all orders placed in the past.
2 . Download the receipt / invoice in PDF format file
3 . Check and follow real-time shipment status of individual orders

Why should I join the mailing list of ?

On you navigate without the need for registration; register as a customer is only required at the time of the first purchase to pay and tell us the address to which to deliver the products ordered .

Do you subscribe to the mailing list to receive complimentary all our informative emails about news and promotions going on but mostly you can receive discount coupons that make it even more interesting to buy from us.

Item not available

How do I know the delivery time for an item is not available?

We receive merchandise daily from our warehouses, the metododo to stay current on deliveries is register on the site, this will enable the button in the product "ALERT ME WHEN DISPO", simply press the button and we will notify you with an email when this product becomes available in our warehouses.


What payment methods can I use? provides many ways to pay for your purchases :

- Cash and credit card / debit cards at the point of withdrawal
Cash - for amounts not exceeding 999,00 Euro
- Credit Card online (VISA , MasterCard )
Postepay online - no refill only credit card
- Transfer in advance.

Can I pay in cash?

Absolutely, we accept payment in cash or for collection within which to mark directly to the carrier (in this case, remember to prepare the correct amount from the courier does not matter) .

My order was registered on the site but payment via credit card or Paypal did not go through.

No problem if you made the order but the payment is not BEEN ACCEPTED ( eg download from recharge card ), you can try returning the payment to your order, and order detail after clicking you can click the " PAY NOW " . Do the above at once because after a few days, in the absence of Thy attempt , Your order will be automatically canceled from the site.

Can I pay with a check at delivery ?

Unfortunately no, the carrier is not authorized to collect checks.

Payment by cash and credit card / ATM at Ridewill

You can pick up and pay for their purchases at home to Ridewill Up Mornasco (CO) , upon order online.

This seat is enabled for payment via POS , and ATM and credit cards (except American Express ) , for all products ordered in advance .


How long does it delivered ?

Since it is sent and paid for the order, the delivery time is generally 24 hours for products labeled "24h Delivery" (for orders received by 16:00). For other products, the delivery time is stated in the product with the number of working days to hand over. For shipments to Europe or the rest of the world, the delivery time can vary from 72 to a maximum of 8 days. Delivery times may also vary due to force majeure. If at the time of delivery, the ordering party is not present.

Track your order in real time with tracking

Evasion of the goods will be sent an email showing a tracking code that will be visible only after a few hours after taking over at the branch . We recommend that you view the tracking until the next day .

Check your package

Upon delivery of the goods by the courier, the customer is required to check: that the number of packages delivered corresponds to that indicated in the transport document in advance by e -mail ; that the packaging is not damaged , wet or otherwise altered, including the sealing materials ( adhesive tape or metal ) . Any damage in the packaging and / or product or the mismatch in the number of packages must be immediately notified in writing of the reserve by placing control over the proof of delivery courier. Once you have signed the Courier , the Customer may not oppose objection on the external characteristic of the delivered goods.

If you are not at home ?

and the courier is unable to complete the delivery of a shipment will try to leave a notice of passage at the recipient's address , showing the fact that you tried to make a delivery and the place thereof. Will try a second time to pass and if not provided appropriate instructions, the package will be added to inventory . Contact us via email immediately place telfonicamente 031-5476941 or easily comprehensible to secure a release of your delivery !

I received different products

If you were to notice it by opening the package that you have received the products different from what was ordered , please call us immediately 031-5476941 or send an email to noting the serial number and the model number or product that came wrong . We may also request them pictures of the packaging .

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