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Test Fat Bike by Manuel of Bike&Co

Date: 15/01/2015

Test in collaboration with ASD Bike & Co

Thanks to our tester confidence of Manuel Bike & Co ASD publish his review of our Fat Bike assembled with the configurator

Test Low Fat bike cost.
It happens more and more often on trips to talk about adjustments to the suspension, tires, brakes and sensations that you are able to pass. I do it with so much passion that sometimes omit aspects much more important as the nature that surrounds me and love for the mountains.

Then I like to regress and look for the real purpose of why I go to mtb, reset all those who are the various technological gimmicks in each modern and full of the loose bike less efficient, but who bring out the best in me.
For this reason, out of curiosity and for "insistence" of Lorenzo di I had in my hands a fatbike: half fully assembled with components chosen by their extensive online catalog.

The Fat were born to work, carrying chainsaws and work tools in the snowy vastness of Canada, where the simplicity was a must. Steel frame to be welded at anytime and simple components for maximum reliability and minimum cost.
Following this philosophy Ridewill has assembled the fatbike low cost in my possession: the frame and steel fork, mechanical disc brakes, crankset with square pin, 9-speed transmission single crown, peripherals well proportioned the Teutonic Tranz-x and a comfortable saddle Selle Italy .

The only thing that I replaced the assembly of the series was the front disc, from 160mm to 185mm, to improve the efficiency of the braking downhill.
Adjusted the seat height and tire pressure, low very low, there is nothing to do but ride, very well ...
Ascent: Ride well in spite of the mammoth tires and the ratios a little 'more than the average (34corona / 32pignone). Salt regularly, but without overdoing it and out of the saddle are accompanied by a fantastic elastic response of the frame that only the steel you can give. The vertical angle of the saddle (75 °) and the grip of the tires help maintain directionality and traction even on the steepest climbs and techniques.
Plain: the generous section of the tires and the low pressure of the same make trigger some rhythmic swing, but never annoying. Once accelerated the speed will be maintained thanks to the masses in play. The best thing is that everyone turns to look at her, and when I stop the most usual comment is: "With that go everywhere or ....", On cobblestones and uneven has an effect hovercraft absorbing everything, or almost, what passes under the wheels.

Curve: The grip offered by the "boat" is so, let you maintain good traveling speed with little effort and in safety.
Hairpin: the large section of the rubber facilitates control at low speeds and the track stand, allowing you to close even those a bit 'closer that you have always put in difficulty.

Descent: This is a chapter that is dear to many biker myself included. Well we begin to say that you have to make a mental reset and take good measures: Yes, the tires XXL give a cushioning effect but it is also true that what amortize return it as well. So at every collision received corresponds, although to a lesser extent, an elastic reaction in the opposite direction towards the biker. Once assimilated the mechanism becomes a fun giocattolone, jumps, turns, rocks, sand, mud, everything will be overwhelmed by its tires giunonici smoothly. We're not talking about a bike from absolute performance, but a bike that deep down he knows every tear a smile always fun. The tire pressure should be adjusted according to the path faced, during testing I used inflations of between 0.4 and 0.8 bar. Stability is guaranteed by a steering angle of 66 ° which allows to dare that little extra, the steel frame helps to absorb much of the vibration transmitted from the ground.
With small measures, the adoption of a transmission dual front crown or mono with ratios less exasperated and hydraulic brakes, the bike will make a do everything from mountain to sea.

In conclusion: the fat surprised me, I thought it was just another fad and instead turned out to be a different philosophy of going by bike, go calmly but everywhere. Following the paths of all time and reinterpret them in key FAT will be a new stimulus for any biker.
Here you will find all the information and the online catalog, from complete bikes to all components to mount your FAT:
Link of the frame used for the test:
Video in action:

Components only for this test:
-manubrio 79cm, seat post, stem and grips Tranz-X
-deragliatore post Shimano acera 9v
-pacco pinion Shimano deore 11/32
-manettino Shimano Deore XT
-guarnitura Prowheel 34T
-sella saddles Italy Nekkar plus
-leve brake shimano deore
-Remarkably RMS steel
-Wheels RMS 26 "x80mm
-pinze and discs Alhonga
-outer Chao Yang 26x4.00 "

Test Fat Bike by Manuel of Bike&Co

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