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Prologo product range and CPC patented technology

Date: 24/11/2016

CPC, Connect Power Control is the system developed and patented by Prologo. Placed in clever points to absorb vibrations and shocks, it also helps the rider to keep the best position on the bike by ensuring the necessary grip in all weather conditions. Gloves provide a greater grip increasing control and handling. It removes the risk of any numbness as the blood flow is stimulated by the CPC through a “kinetic massage”. Tested by professional Road and MTB teams ensures comfort and increases performance. The CPC technology is used in the military and in Formula 1 (seats and special gloves) and uses a polymer material in 3D, empty, unique in its kind.


The CPC “AIRING” has been developed with a specific morphology and an hexagonal  3D design that, is raised a few decimeters of millimeters from the saddle cover. These innovative micro hexagonal cylinders are made with a special Nano Technology polymer that never alter their mechanical characteristic  (any atmosphere conditions, from riders weight, from intensive use, etc).


It has been calculated that the majority of the road vibrations and shocks are transmitted to the rider through the saddle and handlebar. Compared to a standard saddle cover, the CPC “AIRING” is able to absorb a huge amount of these vibrations providing the rider an increased comfort, a reduced muscle fatigue and a faster recovery. The new CPC “AIRING” increase the shock absorbing by 15% compared to the previous version.


Thanks to its polymer material, the CPC “AIRING” offers superb grip for the rider, allowing a perfect sitting and stable position on the saddle, in all weather conditions, in favor of a higher performance.


The morphology of the polymer cylinders allows the rider to sit “suspended” from the sitting platform creating a small air gap between rider’s but and saddle. The result is an “air flow effect” that improves ventilation reducing heat. The new CPC “AIRING” increase the “air flow effect” by 10% compared to the previous version.


Prologo product range and CPC patented technology

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