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New Pirelli Scorpion E-MTB for ebike
Discover the right tire for you: Mixed Terrain, Rear Specific or Soft Terrain

Pirelli Scorpion E-MTB, the new tires for E-bikes

New Products - 21/07/2020
Pirelli Scorpion E-MTB, the new tires for E-bikes - image

Pirelli finally presents the Scorpion E-MTB line, the first dedicated to ebikes.

There are three models presented by the brand, in version 27.5 "x 2.60" and 29 "x 2.60", which adapt to all funds and driving situations:

- M (Mixed Terrain) is the perfect tire for Trail and All Mountain, at ease on mixed surfaces, where changes can also be unpredictable or sudden, from hard-pack to loose, from stones to roots. Excellent grip without sacrificing smoothness.

- R (Rear Specific) gives more traction to the rear wheel. Natural companion of the M, it proves to be a valuable asset in all situations of pushing and braking, ensuring grip, grip and longer life to the rear wheel, in any context.

- S (Soft Terrain) is the right choice for Enduro vehicles: it gives the best on soft and soft ground. Its aggressive and very spaced blocks guarantee high grip when cornering and braking; perfect for aggressive driving even in bike parks.

Great innovation for the new dedicated compound, called Smartgrip + Compound.

An innovative feature of this new formulation is the addition of lignin to the base composite. Lignin is a chemical component of natural origin, coming from the process of recovering used paper. It is a low environmental impact additive, which improves the performance of the tire compared to the peculiar characteristics of speed and torque associated with the electric motors of modern e-mtb.

Thanks to Hyper Wall technology, the performance of the tires in terms of stability and resistance to crushing of the sidewalls has significantly increased.
Pirelli HyperWALL combines the heel with an anti-pinch rubber insert on the sides. This particular construction ensures that the heel and inner side react to the stresses as a single piece: HyperWALL improves the stability of the heel, offers greater protection against pinching and better handling.

The new Pirelli Scorpion E-MTB tires are among the lightest ebike tires, considering the high degree of protection. They are able to offer reliability and protection to the typical pinching of a DH rubber, at a weight of about 20% lower

The weights of the new tires in fact vary from 1200 grams of 27.5 "x2.60" to 1330 grams of the 29 "x 2.60" version

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PIRELLI Tire Scorpion E-MTB R rear specific 29'' x 2.60'' ebike tubeless ready
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PIRELLI Tire Scorpion E-MTB R rear specific 27.5'' x 2.60'' ebike tubeless ready
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