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How to create a bike 3. Serie sterzo

Date: 02/07/2015

The third episode of the series of tutorial videos "How to create a bike" is dedicated to the complex system of bike steering and other related components. The headset is in particular that series of caps, bearings and related sliding seats which allows the rotation of the fork and then of the front wheel relative to the frame and the head tube in which the tube fork is inserted.

Also in this case this is a fundamental component and assembling step necessary to the effective operation of the bicycle as it is the element that allows to set and vary the travel direction. Inevitably related to the specific element of the headset is a set of components that should be examined as parts that allow the rider to control the steering wheel (handlebar and quill stem / ahead stem) and the braking system that originates from the handlebars and branches off to the wheels.

After having analyzed in the previous videos the assembly of the bottom bracket and the drivetrain, we will analyze everything related to the front part of the bike: steering, brakes and handlebars.

Use our configurator to get some help on the choice of components.

How to create a bike 3. Serie sterzo

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