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BOSCH Power Tube 500: ultralight fully integrated battery pack for ebike

Date: 27/06/2017

After the revolutionary ABS anti-lock braking system on ebike, BOSCH introduces another and even more debated innovation: the development of a fully integrated battery pack in the frame of assisted pedal bicycle that acquires more practicality and aesthetic care thanks to the space saving. Not to be said that it becomes more and more difficult to distinguish an ebike from any traditional bike!

- Powerful and very inconspicuous

The PowerTube 500 combines practicality and style: the new Bosch battery provides sophisticated lithium-ion technology in a simplified, elegant aluminium design and can be integrated into the eBike frame. Invisible and well protected inside the frame, the PowerTube 500 proves to be especially comfortable.

- New standards for ebike manufacturers

The future of ebikes is looking tidy with major player Bosch announcing its PowerTube 500 battery pack, which is designed for clean integration into bicycle frames.  The lithium-ion PowerTube 500 has a capacity of around 500Wh, measures 349 x 84 x 65mm and weighs 2.8kg approximately, which Bosch claims puts it amongst the lightest batteries on the market.

A two-stage mechanism wherein the battery pops out a couple of centimetres when it’s unlocked - but doesn’t detach immediately - makes removal and insertion easier, and reduces the chances of dropping it accidentally. It’s intended to work with all types of bike frames (MTB, road, hybrid etc.), with insertion and removal possible from top, bottom or either side according to different designers’ requirements.

BOSCH Power Tube 500: ultralight fully integrated battery pack for ebike

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