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Banger MrWolf, solve all your problems.

Date: 29/03/2018

Banger MrWolf, solve all your problems.

It is now a fact; air and anti-puncture liquid are no longer enough to prevent punctures and cuts.

MrWolf solved this problem by inventing '' Banger ''

What is MrWolf '' Banger ''?

It is an innovative system built thanks to the use of a very low density technopolymer designed and developed specifically for the MTB sector.
It is an incredible "flat prevention", reducing the risk of drilling or cutting your tire by 90%.
It is inserted inside any tire and can be mounted quickly and easily (10 seconds) on any type of tubeless-ready rim on the market.

But what are its real advantages?

- Banger reduces the volume of air inside the tire by 95% bringing the wheel group of all MTBs to a higher level
- Impacts are damped, vibrations reduced. Feeling and stability have increased significantly.
- You'll only need a few meters with mounted Banger to discover a totally new character of your bike.
- Thanks to its super-light techno compound and its elasticity, it will guarantee sensations of speed and safety.
- Banger is also an incredible "flat prevention" and reduces the risk of drilling or cutting your tire by 90%.

Why improve downhill driving?

- The first sensation in using it is an incredibly smooth, simple and controlled drive of the wheel assembly.
- The obstacles, big or small, produce a rebound, which is dissipated by the special mixture of MrWolf ensuring a sensational grip and control.

What is the advantage on small bumps and rough roads?

The suspension of your bike is able to dampen the bumps with low frequency and large amplitudes, but on the small and fast bumps of the ground can never guarantee such high sensitivity.
Banger, being in direct contact with the ground together with the tire, is able to adapt and dampen all the irregularities very quickly and thus guarantee an unprecedented buoyancy and smoothness.

Does Banger affect the smoothness of my pedaling?

If you think that Banger makes the bike less fluent you're wrong.
The tests carried out by WheelEnergy Oy, the world's most important independent laboratory for tire cycle tests, clearly demonstrate that the group rotates in off-road use and maintains its smoothness characteristics unaltered.
The vastness of the laboratory tests carried out show that in comparison to the tuber system Banger loses only 1% in smoothness.

Does the insertion of the Banger require the inflation of the wheel?

In the tire you will insert only 5% of air, variable according to your driving style.

MrWolf's Bangers are available in different sizes and in 3 diameters (26 '', 27.5 '' and 29 '') for each discipline:

- Cross Country, for tires from 1.9 "to 2.25"
- Enduro, for tires from 2.30 '' to 2.40 ''
- Enduro Mid Plus, for tires from 2.50 '' to 2.60 ''
- Enduro Plus, for tires from 2.80 '' to 3.00 ''

In all kits it is included:

- 1 Banger
- 1 single-dose latex pack
- 1 "T" reduction for standard valves
- 1 remove valve
- 1 "Banger by MrWolf" circle sticker
- 1 MrWolf adhesive specific for frame application
- 1 55x55cm rucksack reusable as a helmet / object holder

What are you waiting to increase the feeling with your bike?

MrWolf awaits you at Ridewill!


Banger MrWolf, solve all your problems.

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